Are you suffering from symptoms of vaginal relaxation and related urinary incontinence? Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm or experience vaginal discomfort during sex? With our female rejuvenation techniques from LegacyMD in Frisco, TX, you may be able to improve your self-esteem, get relief from vaginal discomfort, and experience enhanced sexual sensation. “8 Minutes can bring a life change”.

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Your Needs First

Whether you come in for laser or another procedure, at LegacyMD, we provide the attentive medical care you need and the compassionate, personalized service you deserve. We understand that many patients come to our practice to discuss highly personal issues. That’s why we do everything possible to put you at ease and provide the best possible patient experience.

Our BTL Ultra Femme is an award-winning machine uses Radio Frequency which provides even heat. It takes as little as 8 minutes, by our experienced aesthetician under the guidance of our board-certified physician.

If a structural problem is causing you to experience discomfort, lack of sensation, or aesthetic concerns, contact our office in Frisco, TX to schedule a consultation and find out if LegacyMD is


Are RF and Laser Treatments Painful?

Both RF and laser treatment heat up the tissues, but they are tolerable.

Will I Need Anesthesia During Or After The Treatment?

RF treatments are done without anesthesia. We may use some topical anesthesia depending on your pain tolerance level when we treat exterior areas. We manage your pain level carefully.

Will I Need Pain Pills Afterward?

Typically, patients don’t need post-treatment medications.

Will I Notice Results Right Away?

Yes, you will notice the tightening (of the labia majora) immediately with our RF equipment. Compare to our RF machine, laser treatments result in a more superficial treatment with injury to the epithelium, which takes several days to heal.

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