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If you’re one of the more than 30 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, you know what a toll it can take on your health. Dr. Ousama Moammar at Legacy MD provides comprehensive care for men and women with diabetes. If you live in or near Frisco and need help managing your illness and optimizing your health, call the office to book an appointment or use the online scheduler to book now.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic illness that develops when your body has trouble processing sugar, also called glucose, in your blood. Glucose is required to help you function properly and to give you energy throughout the day.

Diabetes causes sugar to build up in your bloodstream because your pancreas either works overtime to process the insulin it makes or doesn’t make enough. Without treatment, diabetes can cause a number of serious problems like neuropathy, vision problems, high blood pressure, foot and leg sores, stroke, and heart attacks.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

There are a few different types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational. Each of the three types has its own unique concerns, but in general, telltale signs of diabetes are:

  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Ulcers or sores on lower extremities
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Numbness and tingling in fingers and toes
  • Prone to infections

Most of these symptoms are related to the high levels of sugar surging through your blood. It’s important to know that it’s possible to have diabetes without any of its chief symptoms. That’s why it’s important to maintain regular check-ups with Dr. Moammar so he can monitor your health from year to year.

How is diabetes diagnosed?

At Legacy MD, your team of experts use a couple of key diagnostic tests to determine if and what kind of diabetes you have. After a thorough physical examination and review of your medical history, Dr. Moammar tests your blood and urine to determine your glucose levels.  

If two different tests return a blood glucose level of 126 mg/dL or higher, you’re considered diabetic.

How is diabetes treated?

The side effects of diabetes can be life-threatening, so it’s crucial that you establish a relationship with a doctor you trust. Dr. Moammar is passionate about helping you prevent and manage your diabetes in order to live a high-quality life.

Depending on the type of diabetes you have, he may recommend diet, exercise, weight loss, blood glucose monitoring, oral medication, or insulin injections.

For compassionate diabetic care, turn to the experts at Legacy MD. Call the office to schedule an appointment or use the online scheduler to book now.

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