More than 80% of older adults have one or more types of chronical disease or at high risk of having these chronical diseases if no intervention is introduced. 68.4% of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic diseases and 36.4% have four or more. Chronic diseases can affect a person’s ability to perform important activities, restricting their engagement in life and their enjoyment of family and friends.

At LegacyMD, we adopted an integrated care approach to managing illness which includes screenings, check-ups, monitoring and coordinating treatment, and patient education. We aim at improving your quality of life while reducing your health care costs if you have a chronic disease by preventing or minimizing the effects of a “bad case” of disease.


Every day, millions of people with chronic diseases struggle to manage their symptoms. LegacyMD’s medical team are here to:

  • Helps people with diverse medical diagnoses such as diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension develop skills and coping strategies to manage their symptoms.
  • Employs action planning, interactive learning, behavior modeling, problem-solving, decision­ making, and social support for change.
  • Has disease-specific variants for diabetes, chronic pain, cancer survivors, HIV/AIDS, and arthritis.

Don’t let chronical disease ruin your life. Call today to learn more about our chronic disease management program and to schedule a consultation.

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