Dramatic weight loss is good news but after you will see sagging skins and tissues. Body Contouring is not for people who have a lot to lose but more for people who cannot achieve the optimal body shape (the “last few miles”) through exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Instead of seeking invasive body contouring through invasive plastic surgery, we use the latest RF technology to permanently melt the fat away (you will get rid of it through normal body metabolism). The body contouring can be applied specifically to the different part of the body from the face (lift), jowl, neck(lift), breast, tummy(tuck), arm (lift), thigh(lift), waist, etc.

Our non-invasive procedure, when compared to surgical body contouring, has the following benefits:

  • Much safer (no anesthesia required)
  • Lower cost
  • Much shorter recovery time (0 vs. 6 weeks)
  • No scarring

However, it usually will take multiple treatments to achieve the surgical results. Take advantage of our Body Contouring packages to save. Check out our special offer.

After Care

You will feel minimal discomfort after our non-invasive treatment. Some of our clients take their lunch break to receive the treatment and go straight back to work.

Real Realistic Results

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